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Barn Roofline Styles

RCA Barns
Raised Center Aisle Breezeway Barns

The traditional look of the RCA barn makes it the most
popular barn style among horse owners. Aesthetically
pleasing rooflines provide superior ventilation and lighting
for your horses. Optional RCA sliding windows with screens inset between the upper and lower rooflines provide
ventilation control. Choose from a variety of options to
make it your perfect barn.



Gable Barns

The Gable barn design has all the benefits of a breezeway configuration under one roof. Gable barns are attractive, functional, and economical. They keep horses safe and comfortable in both warm and cold weather climates.



Gambrel Barns

The Gambrel Barn design blends classic old style quality
with today's technology to keep your horses safe and comfortable in any climate. This style features the classic
barn roofline seen on many old farms. Although having
two pitches means an increase in cost over a simpler style,
a Gambrel barn is an attractive choice for those wanting a
barn with a more traditional style.



Inline & Shedrow Barns

The Inline barn design is an excellent choice for warm
weather climates and in areas where space is limited. This versatile barn is available with a 2’, 10’ or 14’ overhang. With the overhang option, you still have protection for your horse, with plenty of working area around your barn.



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